London to NYC – Film Festivals & Media Mavens

Life & Play | Wednesday July 18th 2018

Last year, I bought myself a video camera as a birthday treat with the intention of documenting some of my travels and adventures – you know, something to show the grandkids and all that. I’ve always loved creating content, from writing stories as a kid to shooting a music video to Monica’s ‘So Gone’ for my basic A-Level media studies class in college (“Listen girl, I’m a rowdy chick!” – hoping THAT never sees the light of day)! Anyway I digress – with some dilly-dallying along the way, I finally edited the footage together and just in time for the launch of this website, so I guess there’s a right time for everything,

In this NYC vlog, you’ll see me catch up with my bestie (who officially moved out there last year), meet up with some dope women in media I’ve connected with online (I’ll write soon about the importance of turning online connections into real life ones), and get my SceneTV red-carpet reporting on as official press at the Urbanworld Film Festival (read coverage from that here). The highlight has to be meeting the Queen that is Ava DuVernay; she even dropped some important gems so be sure to watch to the end. Enjoy!

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