Listen to the first episode of The Success After 30 Podcast

Interviews | Wednesday February 17th 2021

I have launched a podcast! This is has been a seed in my mind for the longest and I guess having some spare time in lockdown gave me the space I needed to make it a reality. Every year, I’d see 30 Under 30s lists get released and the fall-out that would happen on social media. In the midst of the wonder and congratulations, there would also be a surge in posts from people about being feeling unfulfilled, feeling like failures if they had ‘ran out of time’ to make such a list, or felt the immense pressure to be this idea of ‘success’ before they hit the big three o. But in my personal circle, I knew of so many people who were thriving after 30, so I wanted to challenge the narrative a little – The Success After 30 Podcast was born!

In a world obsessed with youth and child prodigies, this podcast aims to be the perfect antidote. Listeners will hear from a range of guests about ‘success’ after the magic number ’30’ and their journey to thriving in their careers, relationships, mental health, fitness, personal growth and sense of self. We’ll challenge long-held perceptions about age and encourage you to redefine what the meaning and timeline of success looks like to you.

The first episode is now live and features Author, Presenter and Change Agent Lisa Bent. Enjoy and share with a friend who might be in need of some inspo!

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