An intimate screening of Where Hands Touch & Q&A with director Amma Asante

Events | Tuesday September 25th 2018

Earlier this month, I was invited to an intimate screening of Amma Asante’s latest film Where Hands Touch. Starring Amandla Stenberg, Abbie Cornish and George Mackay, it tells the story of a bi-racial teen struggling for survival in Nazi Germany. It is inspired by the experiences of ‘Rhineland bastards’, the German children of color who grew up under Hitler’s rule.

During the Q&A, Amma spoke candidly about her 10 plus year journey to get this story to the screen – you can read more about that here. I’ve always admired the BAFTA-winning director from afar but her openness about dealing with the film industry and her will to share the film with women of colour in the UK before it’s official premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival is testament to how much she cares about her work and the impact it has. Often we see and critique the work creatives put out with very little knowledge about the struggles or how it came to be. By telling her story as well as the one she placed on the big screen, it gives us a glimpse into the world of what it’s like to be a black women in film and actually makes me appreciate black film creatives even more (if that’s possible!).

Where Hands Touch is released in the UK in February 2019 so you still have a few months to go, but look out for a SceneTV interview with Amma very soon.

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